About MFVN

MFVN: The Medical Study Association Nijmegen

The medical study association Nijmegen was established in the year 1952. This is the same year that the study medicine was brought to Nijmegen. Originated from gentlemen's club S.S.N.Roland, the MFVN has grown to be one of the biggest and most active study associations of Nijmegen. During her whole existence, the MFVN has been committed to the enrichment of the lives of medical students, both inside and outside their studies. The association now has more than 2.500 members and countless activities are being organised by 24 committees.

The MFVN room

You can find our association room by following route 87. We are open each workday from 9 PM untill to 4 PM. The board will be there to provide you with information about the faculty and to sell study related instruments and MFVN merchandise. Besides that, everyone is welcome to come by for a cup of coffee or a tosti. 


Everyone who studies Medicine, Biomedical sciences or MMD can become a member. If you follow a premaster, you can also become a member. Membership offers you a series of advantages, like discount on study books, instruments and a lot of activities. Membership costs € 60,- for medicine students, € 50,- for biomedical sciences students, € 30,- for MMD students and € 20,- for premaster students for the entire duration of their study. For more information about membership, click here.


The MFVN has 24 different committees, with a great variety of interests. For example: we have a Careercommission, Medical Orientation commission, but also a Party- and Gala committee. Committees make it possible for the MFVN to have a lot of different activities, like the Studytrip, Parentsday and Carreermarket. 


The MFVN supports every year a different charity. This year we support the Volunteers Radboudumc. Money is collected by the organisation of a charity party and a christmas brunch. The MFVN also donates a fixed amount of money to the charity.