Board of the MFVN

The board of the MFVN includes seven members. Each year new boardmembers are chosen by the current boardmembers and they must be approved by the members of the association during the general membership meeting.

Currently the board consists of:

Chairman:  Micha Meijer
Secretary: Sarah Thomas
Treasurer: Lisa Kortekaas
Festivities: Siep van der Linden
Internal affairs: Emma Saedt
Facilities & Education: Nicole de Kort
External affairs: Nina Nieuweweme

Different from other associations, one half of the MFVN board changes in October, while the other half changes in April. This provides a better continuity in policy.

In October, the following boardmembers change annually:

– Chairman
– Secretary
– Boardmember Internal affairs
– Boardmember on Facilities & Education

In April, the following boardmembers change annually:

– Treasurer
– Boardmember Festivities
– Boardmember External affairs

If you are interested in joining the board, or maybe you would just like to know what we are doing all day, you can e-mail us or visit us by following route 89 in the medical faculty. You can visit us at any time. If you have any questions for the MFVN board or if you just like a good cup of coffee or tea, come visit us!